Secret SEO keyword strategy 2022

Secret SEO keyword strategy 2023

SEO keyword strategy is a main part of your blog. You might be wondering why is your blogs not ranking on google after doing a lot of SEO using correct keywords but still you are not getting the results you have wanted. So today after lot of research we have found some secret SEO keyword strategy that will help your blogs to rank on top of the google.

Best SEO keyword strategy you can work –

1} Domain authority check

Domain authority check is to forecasts how likely it is for a website to appear on search engine result pages (SERPs), by giving it a score. Scores for domain authority vary from 1 to 100, with higher scores indicating a higher possibility of ranking.

How to check domain authority for free?

To check any website domain authority for free you can use a Moz google chrome extension in your computer or laptop. Moz is a software developed by a developer to check the Domain authority score of a website.

Secret SEO keyword strategy 2022
Moz extension
SEO keyword strategy using Moz domain authority check steps and guides –
  • First of all you need to download Moz domain authority checker extension in your web browser.
  • If you are new in Moz then create a account in moz and login.
  • Now type the keywords that is suitable for your website in google and tap on search and make sure your moz extension is on.
  • Now you will see the search results in google. Here Moz will show you the D.A score of a website who are using the same keywords or related keywords.

Secret SEO keyword strategy 2022
  • Now you need look for the website using keywords that has low D.A score.
  • Never choose the keyword that has high domain authority score.
  • Select the keyword that has low domain authority score and you can work on your blog using that keyword.

This is how you are going to find a keyword domain authority score and this will surely help you to rank your post.

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2} Long tail SEO keyword strategy

Long tail keywords are those that has more than 3 words for example “how to build a house”, “what is SEO keyword strategy “, etc.

Secret SEO keyword strategy 2022
Finding Long tail keyword
Why long tail keywords?

If you catch a keyword with one word then it will get harder for you to rank because there are already thousands of existing website that has high domain authority using the same single keyword so when you use long tail keywords there could be a possibility that no one is using the same keyword. This will lower your competition and there will be a high chance that your blog will rank on google.

3} Use more than one focus keyword

Secret SEO keyword strategy 2022
using more than one focus keywords on Rankmath SEO

Using more than one keyword will help your post to rank or view on the search results from different keyword search. For example – What is SEO keyword strategy could be mine one main keywords but It is recommend to use more keywords like what is SEO, keyword strategy etc. You can use 5 keywords in total and this will really help your post to get views.

Above I have explained how you can rank your website using a correct SEO keyword strategy on 2022. Now all you need to do is working on this strategy and trust yourself and keep blogging.

Tips – No one can become a successful just in a day or in month. You have to learn from your mistakes and it will take time and everyone can become successful. All you need is a hard work.

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