What is keyword planner in SEO ? - 2022

What is keyword planner in SEO ? – 2023

Google ad words keyword planner is a google ads paid tool and this can help you to search keywords for SEO. In this blog I am gonna explain What is Keyword planner in SEO and how this is going to help you to research and find a quality keywords to help your website rank on google.

What is keyword planner in SEO ? - 2022

Why keyword planner when there is many tools available on internet for keyword research?

As you know keyword planner is a tool of google so google knows better which keywords has better volume and intent. So keyword planner provides you better results.

Difference between Keyword Research and Keywords Analysis

Keyword research means finding a keywords that has high volume good CPC and low intent(kd%) that will be suitable for your blog or article. Keyword analysis means analyzing a keywords that you have researched. For example – If you have found 3 keyword as Ram, Ram story, Ram brothers. Here you will select one keyword comparing 3 of them depending on different factors that has better volume, good CPC and low intent and this is called analyzing a keyword.

What is keyword planner in SEO and how to use?

Keyword planners is a tool of google ad words that will help you to research keyword that will help your business or google ranking to grow by finding keywords.

To use google ads keyword panner you can simply go to google and search for google ads and login into google ads. Once you do that you will see an option called planner at the top. Tap on planner and you will see the option called Keyword Planner and you need to select that. If you have used Ahrefs and Semrush is research Keyword then you will find it easy to use Keyword planner but if you have not used any keyword research tool before then don’t worry read the full blog.

Now just follow the Steps-

1} Type the Keyword that you want to search at the search button at the top and tap on get results.

2} Now you will see a keyword average monthly searches, competition and index value depending on your search location.

3} Higher the monthly searches means good for you, higher the competition means hard for you to rank on google and index value means how many website have used the same keyword.

What is keyword planner in SEO ? - 2022

4} So you need to find and select a keyword that has high search volume, low competition and low index value.6

5} Now you can also add more columns in it by simply clicking on columns and you can easily customize it if you are using paid ads of google.

6} You can now also filter the searches by clicking on filter. This will if your website is new and you are struggling to rank on google. Here you can filter all the high competition keyword and get results of those that has low competition. Using same method you can filter your keywords regarding your requirements.

7} Now you can download the file by simply clicking a down-arrow at the top. You can download the file in both .csv or google sheets format.

What is keyword planner in SEO ? - 2022

8} Here you can also save your keywords by clicking on saved keywords here.

Here we have told you how to use keyword planner step by step but let me tell you that researching keywords is not enough to help your website rank there are many other tools that you need to you for better website SEO optimization.

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