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What is SEO Website Design? On-Page SEO 2023

Here coding fever provides you a complete guide to what is SEO Website Design or on-page SEO. SEO Website Design is to optimize your website to rank higher in the google listings. Website design is the creation and building of your website by using a code or without using code. SEO plays a vital role in your website to rank it higher on the google and to make your website visible in the google and it affects your business.

What is SEO Website Design? - 2022
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How to use SEO in your website ?

To use SEO in your web pages after you design your website you need to start writing content in your pages. You need to write a unique content using proper grammars . If you are using WordPress to build and design your website then it will be easier for you to track your website SEO using WordPress plugin like Rank math plugin and Yoast SEO plugin. Once you have installed the plugin then you have to connect the plugin with your website and after that you can start writing a content using focus keywords. Keywords are the main branch of SEO. You have to check keyword difficulty using ahrefs free keyword difficulty checker. For more good results I suggest you to use paid tools of Semrush or Ahrefs. This two tools is very important to find better keywords. Right now the paid features of both these SEO tools are very high and beginners may find difficult to buy them so coding fever team suggest you to use group SEO tools where 10 to 20 people of team will buy this tool and every can use this tools in very low amount. For this you can ask your friends to create a team or you can search online as there are many bloggers or company’s who offers this kind of services. Coding Fever brings you A complete guide to what is SEO Website Design.

Connecting your website with Google search Console

Once you are done building your website design using a proper keywords and SEO, now you need to connect your your website with google search console. Google search console will help you to index your website, building a sitemaps and in showing performance of your website. It is very important to connect your website with search console and submitting its sitemaps. If you are using rank math or Yoast plugin you will see the option of sitemaps and you just need to copy and submit your website Urls to search console sitemaps so that google can crawl your website and make it visible. A complete guide to what is SEO Website Design or on-page SEO using search console needs a better understanding of SEO and this article could be your best friend for your website.

Creating a backlinks

Backlink is the backbone to your website SEO as google will recognize your website. Creating a backlink is not an easy task. Once you generate 10-20 backlink to your website it will help your website to rank better in google. And the more backlink you have better it would be for your website to rank higher. You can use paid tools to generate a backlink but I suggest you to research more on backlink and try to generate an organic backlink without getting spam. For this you can join a community in Wikipedia by crating an account in Wikipedia and start contributing to Wikipedia so that you can link your site on Wikipedia as Wikipedia is great platform to create a backlink for your website. You can also create a backlink by posting your site on Dirnets.

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Promoting your website on social media or platforms

Promoting your website in social media is a part of What is SEO Website Design. More you promote your website the more leads you get and more lead means increase in sales and this will your website or business to grow. If you are famous on any social media then this could be the opportunity for website to rank. More you promote, more people will get to know about your services. Create your website or post that can help people offering some services to attract more people on your website. The best social media to generate organic traffics are Quora, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and Tumblr.

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