Best genuine way to earn money online

2 Best genuine way to earn money online in 2023

Best genuine way to earn money online. Everybody wants to earn money online and everyone talks about how to make money online but no one tells you the legit way. One who says you can earn by doing this and that but in reality nothing works. So I am not going to tell you 20 or 30 ways to earn money online. I am going to describe you only two proven Best genuine way to earn money online.

1} Freelancing

What is freelancing?

Freelancing is to do people work by utilizing your skills in certain amount in certain period of time through online platforms and social media. Let me clear you that Freelancing is not a job, it is just a way to earn passive income but if you are able to drive clients to you daily then you can take freelancing as a job and earn millions through freelancing. There are thousands of freelancer who has earned millions by selling their gigs so you are not far to earn millions. All you need is a hard work, motivation, time management and a skill.

Which skills required for a freelancer?

Only things that you need to start freelancing is to have a skill to offer your clients. Skill is a very important factor to start freelancing. There are hundreds of skills you can choose to start a freelancing some of the trending skills are Web development, WordPress development, Graphic Design , SEO, video editing, animation, Ui Ux design, digital marketing, writing and translation and music and audio. As you can see there are various of skills you can choose from so all you need to do is choose one of the skill that you are interested on and master the skills

Okay so you have learned a skill now what? Best freelancing platforms for beginners.

There are many platform to start freelancing and get clients but I prefer you only two platforms that has almost 80% of market volume because you cannot shine on every platform. It will take time to grow trust on your clients so do not waste your time on different platforms just give your best on one or two platform and wait for the fruits to grow. The two platforms that I prefer and also I myself use that platform to generate clients are: (1) Fiver (2) Upwork

These two platforms have huge market volume and there are thousands of buyers and sellers active everyday. These two platforms will help you to start freelancing.

a} Fiver – Fiver is online selling platform where you need to sell your gigs. First you need to create a gig. Gig include short description, time period, amount and facilities. You can research how to create a gig on fiver depending on your skills.

b} Upwork – Upwork is not a selling platform like fiver here you need to find people needs related to your skills and apply for the job. Here you need to send a proposal to a client and wait for their reply. If they chooses you or hire you then you need to work on their projects and once you submit the project they you will get paid. Here you cannot fix the price like in fiver.

This is the first and proven Best genuine way to earn money online in 2022. Work hard you will surely success.

2. Blogging

Blogging is the best source to earn passive income. Blogging is same as writing an article but here you need to rank your website at the top using SEO. Everyone can write a blog. Blogging is not a rocket science you can earn 100$ -1000$ and more than that in a blog. And it is the Best genuine way to earn money online.

How to earn money from blog site ?

First of all you need is a hosting and a domain to start. I prefer Hostinger for hosting so go to the google and buy a web hosting services depending on your budget and look for a domain. While buying a domain do buy domain name that relates with your blogging niche so this will help you to rank your blog post. After that you need to create a WordPress account and here you need to have a knowledge of WordPress. Don’t worry you don’t need to learn full web development course for this. There are thousands of video available in YouTube from where you can learn about WordPress. Learn how to write a blog post on WordPress and after that find a niche and start writing a blog. Once you post 10-20 post you need to apply for google Adsense or any ads you can promote in your website and start earning a revenue. In blogging you can also do affiliate marketing and it is the best source to generate a passive income. You can signup in amazon affiliate program and start promoting their products and generate an income.

Lastly, guys I would like to tell you please do not fall for any scam or fraud while looking for a job or trying to earn money online. And please don’t try to do any fraud to anyone because fraud is not a long term business. As there is no shortcut to earn money. You need to work hard everyday in every field if you want to earn a handsome income. This two method i have given is the Best genuine way to earn money online in 2022 so do follow the steps.

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