How to learn web development for free in 2022?

How to learn web development for free in 2023?

What is web development?

The term “web development” broadly refers to the activities involved in creating websites for hosting on the internet. Among other things, the web development process includes setting up network security as well as web design and content creation, client-side and server-side scripting.

Web development is a comprehensive term that refers to all the tasks, modifications, and activities needed to create, manage, and keep a website operating at its best in terms of speed, usability, and performance.

It might also, but is not required to, incorporate all the preparatory steps required to guarantee its rightful placement in search engine results. The majority of the time, such duties fall under a distinct field of expertise, such as search engine optimization (SEO)

Website maintenance experts are referred to as web developers, while web development is another name for the process of creating websites.

Types of web development-

1} Frontend Development-The portion of a website that you see and use in your browser is called the frontend. It covers everything the user sees and interacts with directly, from text and colours to buttons, graphics, and navigation menus. This is often referred to as “client-side” development.

2} Backend Development-The part of the website you don’t see is called the backend (or “server-side”). Data storage, data organisation, and client-side functionality are all its responsibilities. When the frontend and backend are in communication, data is sent and received for a web page to be displayed.

What you need to become a web developer?

To become a web developer all you need is a laptop. A low price range laptop or computer is going to work to become a dev because web dev is an industry where you need to learn new things everyday so I suggest you to buy at least i3 or Ryzen 5 laptop that cost around 40k and above i3 it is going to be perfect so that you can also learn graphic design and animation. Here is link to top 5 laptops for coding and graphic design do check the blog. Or if you want a laptop that cost around 30-40k


Sources to learn web development.

Web development is a huge industry and there is a rise in demand of skilled web developer and it is never going to end. The demand for a web developer is also going to increase by the report of 2022. This means there is  huge source online where you can learn web development for free. In todays world when technology and communication platforms is in peak you don’t need to worry about resources. Here is a list of resources from where you can learn web development:

 1} YouTube – YouTube is a great source to learn web development here you get all the courses for beginners to advance. Some of the best YouTube channel to learn web development are {a} Edureka and {b} coding ninjas

2} Google – Google is a great source to learn web development and it can also be your best friend. Some of the best website from where you can learn web development are {a} w3school and {b} geek for geeks


Skills to learn as a web developer.

As I told you before web development is big industry so there is hundreds of skills you can choose from to become a web developer. Some basic skills that you need to learn to become a web developer are listed below:

Frontend skills 

1} Html 5

2} CSS 3

3} JavaScript

4} Bootstrap 5

6} WordPress

7} JavaScript Framework (React js or Angular Js)

Backend Skills

In backend you need to choose one of the following language

1} P.H.P 

2} Python or

3} Ruby on rails

These are the skills that you need to learn to become a web developer and please note always learn from basic i.e html 5, css3 and javascript.


Is coding compulsory to become a web developer?

Yes, You can build a website without coding knowledge through WordPress, Wix, Shopify and Zoomla and other CMS. But it is not good for the long run because in WordPress we use plugins that are made by some developer and we cannot fully rely on that because anything can happen in the industry if the plugin company crashes then the plugin will no longer available and at that time coding comes so I suggest to have at least basic knowledge of coding.

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